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About the brand

Celebrating the rich tradition of the sport perfectly infused with advanced engineering & artistic craftsmanship, we are committed to bringing the most high-performance golf apparel that finds expression in everyday life. We invest in great care with a sustainable approach to create premium-quality, eco-friendly clothing that is as comfortable as it is stylish, ensuring you stay at your best on and off the course. Ferrus Golf is a brand fuelled by passion for high-performance golf, inclusivity, and the ability to assist you in achieving your best form.

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A world-wide golf community for the youth.


To create high-performance and sustainable everyday wear.


  • Innovation

We embrace technology to create the most high-performance golf apparel designed with the athlete’s needs in mind and innovatively curated with expert advice & scientific processes.

  • Sustainability

We believe in making Earth a better place to live. All our actions and processes would be geared towards sustainability.

  • Community building

We are creating a world-wide community for young golfers and people interested in the sport, helping them connect on multiple levels.


The Golden Circle



High performance golf apparel for golfers


Curated with revolutionary innovation and advanced technical processes


To promote the sport of golf across the globe

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We cooperate only with premium brands


What They Say

At the beginning, every trainee needs professional assistance from an experienced coach. At WooHoo they know exactly how to help you start doing your sport just right!

Brian Woods

Brian Woods

Business Coach

I am beyond excited to shop at this amazing store with such a great team of coaches and sports experts! Everything you need for a safe training and healthy lifestyle you can find here.

Natalie Jones

Natalie Jones

Sales Manager

I personally love working with people who are devoted to their passion for sports. they motivate me every day to become better, stronger and healthier. Thank you, WooHoo!

Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris

PR Manager

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